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Brand Ambassadors

Are you an ultimate prepster?
How about a passionate horseback rider?
Do you enjoy pairing preppy fashion with your love of horses?
Are you an avid social media user?
Are you a huge people person?
Do you think you can represent Personally Preppy? We do!
Send us an application and don’t forget to add your location, barn, riding style, and a little (or a a lot) about yourself!
We want to see your personality shine, all while telling us how you will do a stellar job promoting Personally Preppy!

About the Program

The Personally Preppy™ Brand Ambassador program is designed to create brand awareness through active social and physical promotion as well as social outreach. In order for us to give our ambassadors the tools they need to promote and reach audiences, we are supplying our ambassadors with a flat-rate discount on all of our products.

Rules & Information

-Ambassadors must not be affiliated with any competing monogram companies.
-Ambassadors must represent the brand tastefully and effectively.
-Ambassadors may not supply their discounts to others.
-Ambassadors may opt-out of ambassadorship at any time.
-Length of ambassadorship will be 6 months. Auto-renewal may be granted.
-We reserve the right to cancel ambassadorships for non-compliance.
-We will not be held responsible for amateur status revocations if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ambassadors will be chosen?

We will be choosing 50 ambassadors.

What criteria will be used to choose ambassadors?

Because we are in search of ambassadors who can help us effectively promote the brand, we will be choosing ambassadors based on the following criteria: (in no specific order)

  • Size, quality, and engagement of social media accounts.
  • Size, quality, and engagement of social outreach.
  • Geographic location.
  • Ability to effectively promote & influence brand awareness.
  • Equestrian-related demographics.
  • Online and physical brand influence capabilities.
  • Affiliation with other brands.
If chosen, will I be in violation of amateur status?

We are aware that there is much confusion regarding the revocation of amateur status in riders. We advise you to verify with your association prior to applying for our brand ambassador program. Since many issues regarding amateur status revolve around the fact that the ambassadors receive “discounts” that can be considered “payment”, we are giving all applicants the option to “opt-out” of discounts, and still remain part of our ambassador program.

Please note: Personally Preppy will not be held responsible for any violations of amateur status. Please verify your eligibility with your association prior to applying.

When will chosen ambassadors be announced?

Chosen ambassadors will be announced on Friday, May 5th,


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