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Why our customers love the new Personally Preppy website

Since Personally Preppy is a company primarily based online, we rely heavily on our website [...]

Pop UP at Back Country Farm

Hi all! This weekend we had the absolute honor to visit Back Country Farm. Back Country [...]

Mother’s Day

Welcome back, Prepsters! As I’m sure you all know, mother’s day is right around the [...]

One Step Prep

#PopYourCollar Prepsters! Just when you think the Personally Preppy new spring arrivals can’t get any [...]

Secret Life of the College Prepster Vol. 4

Welcome back to the Secret Life of a College Prepster Volume 4. This week I’m [...]

Secret Life of the College Prepster Vol.3

“Prepped Head to Toe” xx Lindsay Welcome back friends! With spring break finally upon us [...]

Seersucker Sunday

Hello fellow prepsters! We hope your spring break countdown is nearing its end and sunny [...]

This ones for the pups

Be sure to hug your pup today and check out our pup products! Hope you [...]

Secret Life of A College Prepster Vol. 1

Welcome to the first volume of Secret Life of a College Prepster. Stay tuned for [...]

Wellington Warrior Wednesday

Hi Prepsters! In honor of the crazy winter weather, Happy Warrior Wednesday!  XX Lindsay Brrr, with [...]