This ones for the pups

Be sure to hug your pup today and check out our pup products! Hope you enjoy our post! xx Lindsay.


Though we might spend most of our time at the stable? We can’t forget our favorite furry faces that loyally greet us at the door when we return home. That’s right- you guessed it…our puppy AKA Sailor!

Sure we love a good helmet monogram or embossed gloves, but what about all those preppy pups out there? What dog wouldn’t love a chevron, gingham or maybe even a stamped leather collar? Just like we like to hit the stable in style, girls’ best friend likes to hit agility class in top-notch puppy gear.


Check out all of Personally Preppy’s top-of-the- line puppy products in tons of colors and styles. Take advantage of the remaining hours of FreeShipFeb and be sure to stand out in puppy kindergarten.

Make a statement in our Chevron Party Collar!



Our favorite preppy pup pick (okay maybe we have a bias)

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