New England Finals

We are POPing up at New England Finals 2016. ​The New England Finals had a very modest beginning in 1978. It was the brainchild of Mason Phelps (then living in Rhode Island). He approached NEHC officers, Mrs. Gerry Reeve and Mrs. Liz Rooney, and a few area professionals with the idea. At that time the equitation division in New England was very weak, and this was a way to strengthen it.

The NEEC now stands as a tribute to what can be accomplished when horsemen and horsewomen work together for the good of the sport. For many years people around the country have referred to the NEEC as the finest regional medal finals in the country.

Personally Preppy will be offering JOTT, cashmere, unicorn goodies along with fun other accessories.

Be sure to stop by, say hi and give our big yellow lab Sailor a hug. We can not wait to see everyone!

Tate, Kir and Sailor

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