How To Apply A Monogram

Hey Prepsters! Be sure to check out the steps below and the short video on how to apply a monogram! This monogram application was show on a Samshield.
Applying the helmet monogram is confusing for most and so here is a step by step process following with a video showing you all how it is done.
Step 1. Clean the surface with the alcohol wipe provided.
Step 2. Peel the thick white backing off with love, allowing the monogram to transfer to top paper.
Step 3. Carefully place the sticker on your helmet.
Step 4. Rub the monogram onto the surface using the edge of a credit card can help to push out any air bubbles.
Step 5. Carefully peel back the transfer paper from the monogram.
Step 6. Enjoy!
Be sure to post your new monogram on Instagram or Twitter! @PersonallyPreppy
XX Annie

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