Meet our Preppy Intern Annie!

Hey Prepsters!

We would like to introduce you to our intern Annie! Annie will be helping with day to day operations. You will see Annie at horse shows with us and she will be the author of our new and approved blog!

Here is a little blurb from Annie to get to know her:

After beginning the first years of my life in California, I moved to the preppy land of Fairfield County & have been engulfed in the lifestyle ever since. Attending prep school, my day by day dress code consists of a barber jacket, dresses by Alice & Olivia, shoes by J.Crew & even sometimes sneak my favorite Kingsland britches into the OOTD with a blazer & flats.

I am the owner of a high maintenance & overly dramatic 16.2 hanoverian horse named Ghepetto who I love to death. Ghepetto loves his Personally Preppy polo wraps & his embossed monogram halter. I make sure to look the part by wearing my PP spurs, embellished helmet, gloves, while always sporting a needlepoint belt.

This summer I will be competing at Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Fairfield County Hunt Club, Lake Placid, the Vermont Summer Festival, and the Hampton Classic. I will then be heading out to the beloved Nantucket. If you’re at any of the shows or in Nantucket be sure to say hi! Follow @annie.s.wilson on Instagram to join my adventures with Personally Preppy. I will be sure to follow you back!

Hope to see you soon,

XO Annie



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