Secret Life of A College Prepster Vol. 1

Welcome to the first volume of Secret Life of a College Prepster. Stay tuned for my weekly updates as well as the ins and outs of embracing your inner Lilly or Jackie while in school. I’ll leave you with my tips and tricks to incorporate a monogram into every day and better yet how to hit the books in style.

Midterms coming up? Me too. It can be hard to buckle down and study when you could be online shopping, riding, or let’s face it–doing really anything else. If you’re planning on spending the next few nights in the library, Personally Preppy can help make it a little less blah and a little more oh la la…

Step 1: Cozy up. Long nights call for the comfiest clothing, but don’t compromise style for comfort. Throw on this gingham pullover and we can guarantee you will have no complaints… (well, maybe just about the studying)

pull over

Step 2: A classic carry-all is an all-nighter essential. What is worse than trekking across campus to the lib only to realize your bio book is still on your bed because you thought Netflix and study could be a thing? Toss in every book, your computer and some snacks to keep you going strong well into the morning! And don’t forget your chargers! Check out our charger monograms today and you will never have to worry about a friend grabbing yours again!


Step 3: The original monogram–my personal favorite. You can’t go wrong with a classic circle script, or perhaps a dainty scallop. Dress up your laptop, notebooks, tumblers, and so much more with our dozens of styles and colors. What more motivation do you need to crack open that statistics notebook than a hot pink monogram?


Until next week, prepsters! xx Lindsay

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