Secret Life of the College Prepster Vol. 4

Welcome back to the Secret Life of a College Prepster Volume 4. This week I’m here with a lesson you won’t be getting in class. Unfortunately, How to Apply a Monogram, will likely not be on your syllabus any time soon. (Unless your major is Preppy-101…in which case, I am very jealous). Lucky for you, I’m here with 6 easy steps so you can be personalizing anything and everything in no time!


Lets get started:

Step 1. If surface has any oil or dirt, Clean the surface with an alcohol wipe or a damp cloth. Let dry completely (we know you’ll be impatient to see your pretty new monogram but this is crucial) If you are applying a monogram to a suede, leather or alcantara surface do not use heat, water or alcohol. Simply wipe with a dry cloth to remove any dust. 

Step 2. Slowly peel the thick white backing off with love, allowing the monogram to transfer to top “transfer” paper

Step 3. Carefully place the sticker on your desired surface (may we recommend helmets, and notebooks and laptops?)

Step 4. Rub the monogram onto the surface, using the edge of a credit card can help to push out any air bubbles. You can also used your fingers to rub the surface. Using your fingers on a softer (suede, alcantara, leather) surface helps! 

Step 5. Carefully peel back the transfer paper from the monogram. If the monogram does not stick right away, peel back the paper while pushing down the monogram with you fingers. With correct application, the monograms stick very well! 

Step 6. Voila, Enjoy!

These tricks and tips are perfect for our Original Monogram or Helmet Monogram Remember all our monogram are delicate, treat them with care!

I’m out, prepsters! See you next week with Volume 5 of Secret Life of a College Prepster.

XX Lindsay


*Personally Preppy is not responsible for the product once it leave the shipping packaging. Need more application tips, Chat us!

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