Wellington Warrior Wednesday

Hi Prepsters! In honor of the crazy winter weather, Happy Warrior Wednesday!  XX Lindsay

Brrr, with the dropping temperatures the month of January is officially well underway. That being said, the holiday season is long past and many of us are already jumping at the thought of spring. But hold your horses (pun intended!) If the cold temps have got you down, and the excitement of blanket scarves and riding boots has been replaced with visions of Lilly sun dresses and monogrammed Palm Beach Sandals, there is a silver lining. 

As I’m sure you know, January marks the start of the Wellington Equestrian Festival. For 12 weeks, the most elite and skilled of hunters and jumpers will show off their training and brilliant technique in sunny Wellington, Florida. Whether you’re lucky enough to participate, watch from the sidelines, or maybe just plan on keeping updated from home, the spirit of the competition is the perfect distraction from the dead of winter blues. 

In honor of the 2016 Wellington Equestrian Festival, when we take a closer look at the lifestyles of the individuals who train ferociously for the championship in comparison to the great warriors of our history, it is hard not to gawk at the similarities. Wellington Warrior Belt


What is your biggest fear? Heights? Spiders? Both Wellington warriors and warriors of history must possess exceptional courage and fearlessness, which likely means overcoming that irrational fear of daddy long-legs early on.  And as for heights? You bet warriors won’t think twice before climbing right on up to the top. And for jumpers, nothing quite matches the thrill of being air-born. Whether racing or at battle, in order to secure a win, this is an essential trait that will ultimately determine the fate of any warrior. 


The brave warriors of the past fought day in and day out to protect their empires and their people from devastating attacks. The riders at Wellington exhibit a similar degree of loyalty to their dedicated coaches, sponsors(and not to mention the horses!) It takes tremendous dedication and trust between the athletes and their supporters in order to be prepared for a large scale event such as WEF.


Running, jumping and the use of heavy force were part of the daily lives of warriors. The safety of their lands depended on their level of physical fitness and mental preparedness to conquer in battle. Knowing this, warriors were known to repeatedly practice intense drills and strengthening exercises to ensure they were more than ready for whatever battle may bring. Strength is surely an equally important characteristic important for Wellington Warriors to have. You will find only the top riders at WEF all of whom display incredible strength and ability in their skill as well as their mental state. As for myself I’ve heard shopping is cardio and I definitely hold a record in sprinting to J. Crew.


Every day we are faced with constant distractions. If you’re anything like me, procrastination is the name of the game. Online shopping, Netflix, napping– you name it! The opportunities to avoid responsibilities are endless and the constant notifications popping up on our iPhones don’t make it any easier to focus. That being said, riders must learn discipline early on in order to be eligible for a competition at WEF. Wellington Warriors must be willing to dedicate their lives to their sport, including giving up such distractions as these. Just like warriors of history, they must up and leave their normal home lives for weeks at a time in hopes of conquering the competition. (Props to those riders, no Netflix binging, I can’t even imagine!)

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