Why our customers love the new Personally Preppy website

Since Personally Preppy is a company primarily based online, we rely heavily on our website to help us provide an excellent experience for our customers. From navigating through our website to placing an order, our website needed to be designed in a way that would make the experience easy for our customers to do. We also needed a website that could help us manage orders, ship orders, and communicate with our customers. Since we have minimal knowledge in websites and all that, we decided to team up with one of the top equestrian design and marketing agencies: NewStyle Digital. They designed a custom website for us that has helped us thrive in the online marketplace, and has helped make our lives easier (and not to mention, it looks beautiful). Beyond the design of the website, they have helped us with digital marketing as well (which actually works!). Some of the custom features that our new website has to offer us and our customers are:
  • Shipment notifications
  • Custom variations (for monograms and personalized products)
  • Promotions and deals that customers can use to get discounts.
  • A super-sleek menu and mobile design.
  • Made our website much faster so we don’t lose customers.
  • Linked our website with our ShipStation accounts for instant tracking.
  • An easier way to manage our pricing and shipping costs.
  • Allows us to see how long an order has been outstanding.
  • Helped us get our website to the top of search results to increase our outreach.
  • and many more!
  Overall, we are extremely pleased with the look of our new website. Our customers love the amazing new features that keep us connected with them easier and faster. We hope you love the look and layout of our amazing new e-commerce website and we hope you enjoy all of the amazing new products we are now offering for the fall season! If you’d like to see more features of our website, visit the Personally Preppy Website Portfolio piece on the NewStyle Digital website.  

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